Corn Egg Drop Soup

I have developed a habit of being very strict with my grocery shopping so that I don’t end up with too many leftovers or forget that I even have things in the fridge and end up having to toss out mouldy, rotting food. It is such a waste and I like having an empty fridge – it’s part of my organising mania.

Anyway, I made some corn egg drop soup today. It’s such a simple and nutritious dish – I saw it on Pinterest recently and just had to try it out.

Recipe from here. If you want it to be more filling you could add some shredded chicken to it too. It was delicious.



Quail Egg and Stuffed Pepper Canapes

I’ve discovered a new favourite – stuffed baby peppers with feta cheese. I had some of them at a friend’s place last week and now I can’t get enough of them!

Decided to make up these canapes with what I had at home. I used a water cracker base, and on top of that a beetroot cracker (another one of my favourite things), a slice of cucumber and some hard boiled quail eggs and the stuffed peppers. I topped it all off with some Murray River Pink salt and a mustard microgreen.

Yes – I’ve been growing my own mustard! This is my first crop and I was extremely happy with them. Will do a separate how-to post on that.