Plunkett & Fowles, Avenel

I headed to the country for the ANZAC Day holiday and on the way up we stopped at the Plunkett & Fowles Winery. Decided to have lunch there as well and here’s what we got:

I ordered the wine flight, which was essentially 4 glasses of wine with 4 tastes of different things. Have I ever mentioned that I get drunk on half a drink? My friend had to assist me with the disposal of those wines and towards the end of the meal I was tipsy. No matter – it was worth it. The terrine (second from left, top right picture) was a disappointment however. Steak was delicious and my friend’s kangaroo met the expectations.

It’s a nice winery to stop at if you’re in a hurry and can’t be bothered driving off the Hume in search for other destinations. Definitely worth a visit.


Rockmelon Sago Dessert

One of my favorite chinese desserts is rockmelon sago. Fresh rockmelon is pureed and is combined with a sugar syrup, sago and coconut milk. The combination is served chilled and I just can’t get enough of it!

Had some extra sago hanging around in the house (you will notice that I tend to come up with recipe ideas based on what’s leftover in my pantry) and decided to go for it.


Recipe from here.